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Round Robin Oil Comparison Study –2009


The Round Robin test for 2009 is organized by RIZA in the Netherlands.  SINTEF has followed the analysis and data treatment as described in the revised CEN-part 2 guideline (CEN/TR 15522-2:2009), November 2009. The GC/MS analysis were performed using 30m column. The following conclutions can be drawn from the oil comparison study:• Source sample 1 (bilge sample) is found to be a positive match to source sample 2, 3, 4 and with spill sample 6. • Source sample 1 and spill sample 5 has two diagnostic ratios (m/z 216) higher that the limit of 14 %. Based on the criteria in the CEN-guideline we can not conclude with positive match between sample 1 and sample 5, according to “several ratio > r95%”. In this case we conclude a possible match between sample 1 and sample 5. Based on earlier experiences and discussion in the OSINET working group has indicated differences between samples in the m/z 216 pattern even the two samples positively are from the same origin, and this observaton may be explained that m/z 216 may not be resistant to e.g. photo-oxidation, but need to be further investigated. It is therefore still likely that suspected bilge from the ship can be the source of sample 5, anyway.






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