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Design and prototyping of DARIUS system user interface and interaction


This document contains the fundamental designs for the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for the Generic Ground Station (GGS) component of the DARIUS system. It is a companion to D3.1 (DARIUS System Specifications Set), illustrating recommended designs for the essential HMI specifications listed in Section 5 of that document.
Note that the specifications in D3.1 are categorized according to whether a given specification SHALL or MAY be implemented, with the latter features being desirable but possibly not feasible within the DARIUS timeframe and budget. The HMI designs in this document are based on those same D3.1 specs, and so some of the functions and tools illustrated in this document – although desirable in a GGS system – may not be implemented in DARIUS. However, all HMI specifications in the SHALL category that are represented here should appear in the GGS.

The concluding section provides a description of possible interface specifications between UXVs and victims, outlines some areas for GGS improvement highlighted by recent feedback from end users, and explains deviations from the original DARIUS concept, as specified in the Description of Work. Appendix A lists the icons being implemented in the GGS HMI.

This deliverable has been reviewed by end users, as has the HMI itself. See Section 3.4 for details.






  • Michael Stiso


  • SINTEF Digital / Sustainable Communication Technologies




European Commission

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