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Tyre/road noise testing on various road surfaces - Report from the NordTyre project


A Nordic project, NordTyre, was started in 2011, and the main purpose of the project is to establish scientific evidence of the tyre/road noise contribution to road traffic noise emissions in the Nordic countries. As the first delivery to this project, SINTEF was engaged to write a State-of-the-Art report on tyre/road noise testing on various road surfaces, including the ISO 10844 test surface. The report is based on a literature study, mainly focus on publications from the period 2005-2011. Results from on measurements of car tyres on typically rough-textured pavements found in the Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as more smooth surfaces found in Denmark are presented. One of the main findings is that the spread in noise levels on such rough-textured surfaces is much less than on an ISO surface. The noise ranking of tyres can also be considerably different. This indicates a reduced efficiency of tightening the noise limits for tyres on these types of surfaces and the introduction of the tyre labelling system in Europe. The paper presents the main results from the study, as well as proposals for further work in the NordTyre project
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Proceedings of Inter-Noise 2012 : held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Noise Control and Acoustics Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; New York, New York, USA, August 19 - 22, 2012




9242 - 9253

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