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A user-friendly database for mineral waste management in India


The main objective of this study is to systemise all existing relevant information of the
mineral wastes into a user-friendly database. A user-friendly platform has been prepared by
applying My SQL and Microsoft Excel. The database contains physico-chemical, mineralogical,
morphological and mechanical characteristics of coal combustion residue (CCR) samples collected
from thermal power plants, slag samples (i.e. steel slag and blast furnace slag) from iron and steel
plants and C&D wastes. The data on mineral wastes was systematically arranged in a master table
which is directly linked to database. The database is developed in such a way that there will be
regular updates about the mineral waste generation and utilisation. Data on coal mines, thermal,
steel and cement plants will also be available in the database. The intention with this database is
that users may upload data in the database as a separate source after necessary review.


Article in business/trade/industry journal





  • National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
  • SINTEF Community / Infrastructure



Published in

13 th NCB International Seminar on Cement and Building Materials 19-22 November 2013, New Delhi, India:Proceedings Special Lectures and Extended Abstracts

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