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SINTEF Publications database includes full-text publications, references to publications, and other results from R & D activities in SINTEF, its units, departments and employees. With well in excess of 13 000 titles listed, it reflects SINTEF’s entire research portfolio.



Industry is responsible for one-quarter of the global CO2 emissions. In this study, four different climate pathways are analyzed with a cost minimizing multihorizon stochastic optimization model, in order to analyze possible realizations of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the power sector and...

Authors Ozgu Turgut Vegard Skonseng Bjerketvedt Asgeir Tomasgard Simon Roussanaly
Year 2021
Type Academic article

We describe a novel projector design based on interferometric fringe projection. The key component in the projector, a movable micro-mirror, has undergone initial vibration, TVAC and radiation testing, with no observed component degradation. We use multi-frame active stereo as basis for 3D...

Year 2021
Type Academic chapter/article/Conference paper

The paper describes application of the cross-impact method in the process of selecting locations and technologies used in a geothermal system based on energy accumulated in a dry rock formation, where CO2 is used as the working medium. The survey is based on the opinion of a group of 20 experts...

Authors Leszek Pajak Anna Sowiżdżał Paweł Gładysz Barbara Tomaszewska Maciej Miecznik Trond Andresen Bjørn S. Frengstad Anna Chmielowska
Year 2021
Type Academic article

SINTEF Publications includes:

  • Journal articles
  • Papers
  • Books
  • Articles from books or conference proceedings
  • Research reports
  • Presentations, posters and media contributions

Full-text documents

Many of the publications can be downloaded as full-text documents. In this case there is a red link marked "Download".

Reference tool

You can utilize the "SINTEF Publications" database for research purposes. Click on the link "View reference" and transfer your references to EndNote / Reference Manager or to the clipboard for further processing.

How to obtain publications from SINTEF research activities

Not all registered publications are available for downloading. The references provide information about where they are published. Using baseline data makes it easy to track down the article in a library and order it there. Other publications are for sale and can be ordered by contacting SINTEF.


There are two entrances to the Publications:

Employee search: If you want publications from a particular author, the easiest way is to search the employee in the search field and then select the link "Show publications".

Publication search: You can use one or several search terms. Avoid words such as "and", "on" and "in". If a search term (topic) yields few or no results, you can try other terms to describe the same subject. The publications search also lets you search by using the authors' name, and possibly combine the name with the subject. The authors name is written straight forward, without commas, and last name is often sufficient.