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SIBA – Safety management in building and construction industry

SIBA – Safety management in building and construction industry

Published 12 April 2016

In cooperation with key players in the industry SINTEF/NTNU has initiated a project on proactive safety management in the building and construction (B&C) industry. The project's main objective is to develop knowledge, methods and tools to ensure safety during all phases of B&C projects, with particular focus on collaboration and coordination between different phases and different actors.

The construction industry is one of our most hazardous industries. Each year many workers lose their lives on Norwegian construction sites. Around 100 get permanent harm and several thousand suffer from lost-time injuries. Through the project "Safety management in the building and construction industry" (SIBA), we want to contribute to a safer industry.

We will contribute through:

  • Developing a framework for safety management which includes different phases and various actors in a B&C project
  • Developing/ adapting "best practices", methods and guidelines to improve safety management in the industry
  • Disseminating results from the project through meetings, seminars, pamphlets, case descriptions and programs for education and training

Through interviews in several B&C projects where project developers and contractors are involved, we have identified key challenges in the interface between different actors and different phases. These challenges form the basis for developing methods and guidelines for better safety management in the industry. We have identified eight main challenges related to safety management throughout the different phases of a B&C process (from project development and engineering to execution phase):

  1. Safety management in the early project phases (project development and engineering)
  2. Collaboration before the execution phase
  3. Time pressure and simultaneous activities
  4. Supervision of subcontractors
  5. Risk assessment process
  6. SHA-plan as an integral part of the management system (SHA: Safety, Health and Working Environment)
  7. Foreign workers – culture and language
  8. Safety skills and competencies

The project is supported by the Fund for Regional Safety Representatives (RVO-Fund), in addition to contributions from the project partners.

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Senior Research Scientist

Project duration

01/04/2014 - 31/12/2017