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ALTT – Accelerated Learning Through Technology

ALTT – Accelerated Learning Through Technology

The ALTT project focuses on Acceleration of Learning at the workplace

The objective of the ALTT project focuses on Acceleration of Learning at the workplace.

  • The project will use new technology to develop tools for integrated learning and decision support that combine the knowledge in dynamic models with simulation, gaming and gamification.
  • The goal is to accelerate learning and enable operators to make better decisions at the workplace.
  • Accelerated learning will speed up technology transfer and implementation and represents a huge potential for cost savings through optimization of the operation.

The vision of the project:


There are four partnes involved in this project financed by the Norwegian Research Council:

"Problem owner"

  • Produces aluminium at five electrolysis plants in Norway
  • Develops and operates next generation electrolysis cells with high ambitions for further significant reductions in energy consumption and emissions

  • Advanced process control for the process industry
  • Online estimation tools and dynamical process simulators

  • Research partner and facilitator
  • Co-design of games for learning and technology transfer


  • Game designer and developer
  • Develops gamified training simulators in 3D
Published 21 June 2016
Senior Research Scientist

Project duration

2015 - 2019