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The main goal of the project is to develop methods and tools for forecasting future load requirements at an aggregated level (regional and transmission grid) for up to 20 years ahead.

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Grid companies are tasked with expanding the Norwegian power grid in line with demand – but in recent years, reports from the power grid committee (no: Strømnettutvalget) and the government have firmly stated that there is insufficient capacity in the grid. Why haven't the grid companies been able to anticipate the demand?

The power system is experiencing significant increases in power demand that require changes in fundamental work processes and improved decision-making frameworks to anticipate investment needs. ProgLast will research and develop a methodology for long-term forecasting of power demand, both in terms of energy and capacity.

The work is being conducted in collaboration with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Statnett, regional utility companies and SINTEF Energy. The methodology will be implemented in the utility companies' analysis environments during and after the project period, through NVE's ongoing process of renewing the energy planning reporting scheme (norsk: kraftsystemutredning).

The project's results will provide the grid companies with the necessary information to predict future power demand and, consequently, develop the power grid in a socio-economic rational manner.



ProgLast is an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector partly financed by the Research Council of Norway. 


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Project duration

2024 - 2026

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