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Demonstrate and test a new Compact Once Through Steam Generator (COTSG) as a core component of offshore Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP)

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This project will test a Compact Once Through Steam Generator (COTSG), which will represent a core component of Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP). CCPP increases power plant efficiency up to 33% and consequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, in addition to pollutant emissions, like NOx.

The space and weight limitations for deployment of technology offshore are well-known. Demo COTSG will validate through pilot testing that the compact technology is operationally reliable, enabling the safe and timely deployment in brownfield and greenfield oil and gas installations.

Our innovation is based on previous R&D activities within this field of technology and research projects performed by SINTEF Energy Research [e.g., EFFORT, COMPACTS, (2014-18), COMPACTS2, LowEmission and DigitalTwin].

Demo COTSG will contribute to reaching 2030 and 2050 environmental goals and will also strengthen Norway’s position as a provider of efficient and environmentally conscious technology.

Demo COTSG most critical challenges will be to

  •  Find, develop and validate material qualities, designs and component specifications
  •  Design for vibration control
  • Thermal fatigue as a function of gas turbine load cycling
  • Identify and solve potential design limitations
  • Validate thermal design correlations
  • Identify operating conditions with respect to design considering weight and power generation

Project owner: Techouse AS


This is an Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.


Key Factors

Project duration

2024 - 2026

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