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ForFrøya: Preventive mental health services for young adults in Frøya municipality

Frøya municipality and the Øya Foundation have established a "Preventive Team" with the aim of improving the preventive mental health services aimed at the young population in the municipality. The municipality wants to find good measures and working methods for the preventive team. For the systematic collection of data, documentation and analyses, health service researchers from SINTEF are engaged to provide knowledge-based input along the way.

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  • Objective 1: Develop and test which research-based preventive measures can be implemented so that the Frøya municipality will become a more inclusive society with good community values ​​and less bad attitudes towards each other, where young adults feel less pressure and a good quality of life.
  • Objective 2: Develop working methods and measures that increase the visibility, flexibility and accessibility of the municipal services in mental health and substance abuse for children, young people and young adults.

Qualitative research methods will be used in terms of workshops and focus group interviews with both young people and services.


Quality Assurance: Kirsti Sarheim Anthun

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ForFrøya - Utvikling av tiltak rettet mot ungdom og unge voksne i Frøya kommunes Forebyggende team


DistriktsForsk, Øya Foundation, and Frøya Municipality

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