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dThor (Digital Ship Structural Health Monitoring)

The project will develop a system based on innovative utilization of large amounts of load and response measurements from robust and advanced sensors, a digital framework complying with recognised open standards for data exchange, and hybrid analysis and modelling which combines physics-based and data-driven models.

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dTHOR will consolidate end-users military operational requirements based on improved battle damage and structural integrity assessment, reduced hydro-acoustic signatures, and more accurate operation of weapon systems.

Next generation of ship structural health monitoring system

The dTHOR consortium, coordinated by SINTEF AS, proposes to develop the next generation of a predictive Ship Structural Health Monitoring (SSHM) system based on innovative utilization of sensor measurement and hybrid analysis modelling enabling digital twins with high physical realism.

Also, the intention behind the dTHOR project is to enable:

  • A holistic approach to complete lifecycle management from design to decommissioning
  • An effective transition from traditional time-based to condition-based maintenance
  • Increased operational availability and increased levels of safety
  • Continuous optimization of operational performance in peace time and wat time/crisis situations
  • Game-changing speed of knowledge transfer between Research, Innovation, Design and Operations

The work of dTHOR is structured around four blocks:

  • Enabling Technologies
  • Application Technologies
  • Requirements and Specifications
  • Use Cases and Technology demonstrator

Improvement and modernization of the European digital capabilities in the naval sector

By developing a highly efficient, accurate and reliable ship’s health monitoring system based on commonly agreed framework and publicly available standards, the dTHOR consortium is looking towards the improvement and modernization of the European digital capabilities in the naval sector.

The “Digital Ship Structural Health Monitoring” (dTHOR) project was selected among the EDF 2021 European Projects funded by the European Commission, with a duration of three years.

Key Factors

Project duration

2023 - 2025


European Defence Fund

Cooperation partners

SINTEF, Jotne, Light Structures, Sea Europe, Structural Vibration Solutions, CAFA Tech, Naval Group, CEA List, Safran Electronics & Defence, The Ecola national supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ESAM), SIREHNA, Testia, Thyssenkrupp, Relation Management team, INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE), The Center for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), Heron Engineering, ISD SA, The Digital Systems and Computer Architecture Laboratory (DSCAL), The National Technnical University of Athens (NTUA), The University of Patras, CETENA S.p.A, The Institute of Marine Engineering (INM), Politecnico di Milano, MARIN, Damen Naval, The Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA), NLR, TU Delft, Navantia, The Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aerospacial, SAES, Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería S.L. (TSI), SAAB.

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