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Transformit – Data-driven digital transformation

The project will explore how we can use data to understand how organizations are transformed, how to support development teams in their work, and devise methods for using data to create new products and services.

Contact person

Photo: Thor Nielsen

Examples of topics that are relevant to study (the work with the partners will define the list):

  • Data and ownership: Who should own and how should we share data?
  • Products from data: How do you go from data to products/services?
  • Understanding users: How can data be used by developers to understand users' needs?
  • Metrics and self-improvement: How can teams use data about themselves to drive self-improvement?
  • Hybrid working life: What forms of work works best for teams?

The project's results are openly available here (Norwegian).

More information about Transformit on the project's website (Norwegian).

The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway.

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2025

Project Manager 

Inga Viktoria Ågesdatter Gulliksen Stray

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