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REPAIR - Removing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions to support ambitious climate transitions

The project wants to prepare a crucial technical and economical ground for large-scale removal of other greenhouse gases than CO2 from non-fossil sources.

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The REPAIR project goal is to develop and implement technologies that remove other greenhouse gases than CO2 from the atmosphere and the agricultural sector. Removal of these greenhouse gases, such as methane (CH₄) and nitrous oxide (N₂O), can potentially mitigate global warming in the coming decades.

SINTEF participates in these parts of the project:

  • developing conceptual design of processes for greenhouse gas removal and optimization.
  • developing guidelines and performing techno-economic analysis for negative emission technologies

Main objectives:

  • Develop proof-of-concept (TRL 3-4) for technologies to remove CH₄ (and possibly N₂O) from dilute (<1 %-vol) non-fossil sources.
  • To evaluate the technical, economic, environmental, social and policy compatibility as well as modelling of the impact these technologies will have in limiting global warming.
  • The aim of the project is to develop filters that either separate or convert greenhouse gases in air and which could be placed in ventilation stables or even in open fields.
  • Study the potential integration of this technology with existing technologies for Direct Air Capture of CO₂.
  • Identify the plausibility together with stakeholders for upscaling the technologies in real conditions.
  • A ground to build upon, prototypes, full scale demonstrations and commercialization.


See the project webpage for more information

Funded by Horizon Europe under Climate, Energy and Mobility, Grant# 101069905


Key Factors

Project duration

2022 - 2026

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