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KLAR – concept for live storage of several marine species

There are many species in the ocean, and there is a possibility several more of them can find their way to the dinner plate.

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For this to happen, the fishers must catch a larger variation of species, and they must be taken good care of, on the boat and in storage facilities.

In the project KLAR, concept for live storage of several marine species, the overall idea is to develop a new flexible multi-species concept suitable for long-term storage of live seafood. The concept will be suitable for building buffer storage so that one can take into account days with a variation of the amount of catch, as well as take into account seasonal variation. We are looking at the possibility of the concept being flexible for adaptation both in larger permanent facilities and smaller mobile container-based storage units, which can be placed close to the catch areas. From these storage facilities, the species will be transported to, for example, a restaurant kitchen or the fresh produce counter, so that consumers can have new taste experiences.