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SEAVID19 Ensuring an economic sustainable seafood industry during crisis

Norwegian seafood products are globally traded products, encompassing varying degrees of social and economic dependency between producing and consuming countries and regions. In times of global shocks affecting production and markets, the Norwegian seafood industry may therefore be vulnerable.

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Image: SINTEF/Trine Thorvaldsen

The primary objective of the project is to study how Covid-19 has affected the seafood industry at different stages of the pandemic, and to provide knowledge about how future crises should be handled.

When Covid-19 caused a lock-down of the Norwegian society in March 2020, value chains related to production of food was categorised as critical for society by the government. At the same time, the market for the seafood industry changed, and transitions and innovations became necessary.  

This project studies different stages of the pandemic, looking at effects and consequences of Covid-19 for the Norwegian seafood industry. Important topics include the effect of governmental strategies, consequences for logistics and transport networks and effects on distribution channels, price and markets. The project will also study the economic effect of the pandemic at the company and macroeconomic level. 

In collaboration with the seafood industry and other stakeholders, we collect data from in-depth interviews, participatory stakeholder workshops, surveys, financial databases, microdata on trade transactions and other relevant data sources.  

Different seafood products will be compared in a value chain perspective. The project will identify measures that may improve the resilience of the seafood industry in the future. The results from SEAVID19 will be valuable for the industry, authorities, researchers, and other stakeholders.  

The project is a collaborative project to meet social and industry-related challenges (KSP-project), financed by the The Research Council of Norway. SINTEF Ocean is the project manager and the partners in the project are:  

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2021 - 2024

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