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Partnership with Øygarden

Øygarden municipality wants SINTEF as a research and development partner as part of realizing the municipality's vision of becoming a lighthouse in the west, and what this ambition will require of the municipality with regard to competence and networks towards the knowledge sector. SINTEF is part of the partnership to be able to improve access to research-based knowledge and competence at an international level, which may be needed in the development of an innovative municipality, and which builds on and strengthens the municipality's own competence


The municipality's collaboration with SINTEF will include both the municipality as an organization and service provider, and as a key player in business and community development.

The partnership helps to cover:

  • The municipality's need for research-based knowledge and competence for innovation and development of the municipality holistically and of the services that the municipality provides to the population and society.
  • The municipality's need to contribute with research-based knowledge and competence to strengthen the business community within priority areas.
  • The municipality's desire to strengthen the region as an attractive city for business and inhabitants.
  • The municipality and the local business community's need to gain access to a competent network for the realization of projects.
  • SINTEF's goal for its research activities to be directed towards the needs and be relevant for a holistic and sustainable development of society and business locally and regionally.
  • SINTEF's commitment to develop models for how the education, research and development environment will better and more effectively co-create with local business, the municipality and other relevant actors.
  • SINTEF's need to further develop its own knowledge of municipal activities.
  • Joint initiative and participation in research in research projects, alone or together with other municipalities.
  • Joint participation in major projects and initiatives regionally, nationally and internationally, especially EU projects, in that the parties together can strengthen the position to win such projects.





Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2024

Cooperation Partner

Øygarden kommune