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This project considers the energy system of offshore oil and gas installations with the aim to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by using variable wind power together with flexibility in energy usage and energy storage.

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The project will:

  • Investigate the extent to which it is technically and economically possible to adjust energy consumption in line
  • with availability of wind power
  • Assess relevant alternatives for offshore energy storage
  • Assess socio-technical barriers for taking into use wind power and load flexibility
  • Develop mathematical tools to find optimal investments and control strategies for systems with wind power, flexible demand and energy storage
  • Demonstrate methods on a relevant example

Reducing greenhouse gas emsissions from non-renewable energy supply to oil and gas activities offshore is important for the oil industry being able to reach its own emission targets and for Norway to reach national climate targets.

Research partners are SINTEF Energy Research, Industry and University of Oslo. Industry partners from LowEmission centre

This is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry financed by the Research Council of Norway.


Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2023