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Norwegian in-situ Rock Stress for Sustainable Development of Hydroelectric Power

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Norwegian hydropower has a worldwide reputation for cost efficiency, environmental sustainability and a proven design and construction concept. The design takes advantage of the in-situ rock stress knowledge to properly locate underground infrastructure and minimise steel lining in headrace system, hence providing a much more cost-effective solution. Despite of comprehensive investigations and evaluations of in-situ rock stress being made, hydraulic failures still have happened in some projects, which require more understanding of in-situ rock stress. NoRSTRESS is proposed in order to respond to such demands.

NoRSTRESS is aiming to increase the level of competence amongst owners, designers, contractors, research institutions and academia involved in hydropower on: (i) in-situ rock stress, (ii) rock stress measurement methodologies, and (iii) holistic failure-success interpretations.

  • Responsible organisation: SINTEF AS
  • Partners: NTNU/IGP, Hafslund E-CO Energi AS, Hydro Energi AS, Sira-Kvina kraftselskap DA, Skagerak Kraft AS, Statkraft AS.
  • Type: Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry (KPN)
  • Public funding: 13,68 mill. kroner
  • Project number: 320654

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2024

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