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Gaia Vesterålen

The Gaia Vesterålen project aims to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by combining existing and new content in museums with the help of groundbreaking technological solutions.

Contact person

Ill.: Museum Nord

GaiaVesterålen is an environmental and history project where innovation, research and technological development is in front. In a new container museum in Sortland, advanced technological solution like Augmented Reality and 3D Projection Mapping will be used to build a 3D model of Vesterålen, modelling how environmental impact is a result from our individual- as well as collective actions over time. The container museum will be part of an experience-based export product aimed at an international audience. Central to the project is the preparation of an environmental contract for the whole community.


  • To develop knowledge about what engages the local communities by bringing the museum to the citizens.
  • To develop knowledge graphs that categorize various data sources about historical objects and events, real-time data and forecasts for use in the development of intelligent visualization and interaction.
  • To develop general, user-friendly and engaging methods for visualizing and interacting with data showing changes in culture and nature over time periods, both past and future in local environments, using AR and 3D projection, various interaction techniques and machine learning/artificial intelligence.
  • To evaluate Gaia Vesterålen together with residents, visitors and employees.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2021 - 31/12/2024


The Research Council of Norway


Lead Partner:
• Lofotr Næringsdrift – Part of Museum Nord

Industry partners:
• Vesterålen IKT
• Deadline Media

Research partners:
• Nordlandsforskning

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Ill.: Museum Nord