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Collaborative Augmented Navigation for Defence Objectives 2

The CANDO2 project seeks to build upon the successes and lessons learned from the CANDO project in order to address a facet of the SPS Key priority of Counter-Terrorism via the ‘Methods for the protection of critical infrastructure, supplies and personnel’ through provision of ubiquitous and infrastructure free indoor navigation technology to provide positioning, situational awareness, and blue force tracking for teams entering unknown urban or underground environments.

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Left to right: Laura Ruotsalainen, Niclas Joswig, Ilari Paluja, and Nadia Sokolova. Photo: Somerpuro/Finland

The specific security problem this project will address is the loss of situational awareness and blue force tracking during urban counter terrorism operations, even when operating for extended periods inside of buildings that block satellite navigation signals completely.

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2023


NATO Science for Peace and Security

Cooperation partner

University of Helsinki

Project type

NATO SPS Multi Year Program

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Project employee

Nadezda Sokolova

Nadezda Sokolova

Senior Research Scientist