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Cohere – A VR application for creative workshops

The aim of the project is to contribute to the further development of a Virtual Reality (VR) system for virtual workshops that enhances collaboration, creativity, and ideation at work.


The development of this VR system can contribute to solve issues and challenges with collaboration and innovation that employees might face at work. Today's work life requires that employees are creative and innovative even though many employees must work remotely from different cities and countries, or even from their home office.

SINTEF will contribute with expertise on the use of VR in organizations for collaboration, learning and organizational development. SINTEF will summarize and systematize further needs of knowledge and development of the application based on the knowledge gained from the data that will be collected and analyzed in this project.

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DistriktForsk Trøndelag

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DistriktForsk Trøndelag

Project Type

Preliminary project for Innovation

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