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Set4Bio - Delivering cost-competitive and efficient renewable fuels and bioenergy in Europe

SET4BIO will bring together private and public actors in a joint effort to mobilise resources for and stimulate investments in the large-scale deployment of bioenergy and renewable fuels in Europe.

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SET4BIO aims to make a step change in the development of a cost-competitive bioenergy and renewable fuels market in Europe and globally, as foreseen by the Energy Union and by the Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, endorsed by EU Member States and SET Plan Associated Countries.

What are the SET Plan and Plan of Action 8?


SET4BIO’s strategy has been designed around three pillars: activating the stakeholders, mobilising resources, and stimulating innovation.


To achieve the targets provided by the Implementation Plan of Action 8, SET4BIO strives for direct involvement of both industrial stakeholders and the Member States representatives. In cooperation with  , which acts as an anchoring point, SET4BIO supports the Implementation Working Group of Action 8 (IWG 8) by acting as a competence centre, adopting a participatory approach to engaging with its stakeholders, and promoting best practices for the development and the scale-up of bioenergy and renewable fuels technologies.


The project aims to outline a roadmap to finance the bioenergy and renewable fuels projects outlined in the Implementation Plan of Action 8. All the available funding instruments for this purpose will be identified and mobilised by activating and coordinating private and public actors, in addition to Member States of  the European Union, in a concentrated effort to assemble resources.


SET4BIO will launch Innovation Challenges for getting hold of new business models, technologies and processes supporting the decarbonisation of the European transport sector through the use of renewable fuels and bioenergy. Brokerage events and additional initiatives will also be organised to bridge the gap between R&I results and industry applications, both in SET Plan countries and globally. Policy recommendations will be collected and inputs will be shared to a broad public of experts and citizens.


The SET4BIO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 884524


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2022 - 2023

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