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MEDITATE: The medical digital twin for aneurysm prevention and treatment

MEDITATE (“the Medical Digital Twin for Aneurysm Prevention and Treatment”) will deliver a comprehensive framework of simulation and imaging technologies, targeted at industrial and clinical-translation to accelerate the process of personalised cardiovascular medical procedure, validated through an integrated experimental programme to ultimately improve patient care. The core idea of MEDITATE is therefore to develop a Digital Twin and to make it available as “a service” for all in academia, hospital, and industry.

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Ill.: Navigation in endovascular treatment. Foto/Ill.: SINTEF/St. Olavs hospital

The EU project MEDITATE aims to develop state-of-the-art image based medical Digital Twins of cardiovascular districts for a patient specific prevention and treatment of aneurysms. The individual research projects of the 14 ESR's are defined across five research tracks:

  1. High fidelity CAE multi-physics simulation with RBF mesh morphing (FEM, CFD, FSI, inverse FEM)
  2. Real time interaction with the digital twin by Augmented Reality, Haptic Devices and Reduced Order Models
  3. HPC tools, including GPUs, and cloud-based paradigms for fast and automated CAE processing of clinical database
  4. Big Data management for population of patients imaging data and high fidelity CAE twins
  5. Additive Manufacturing of physical mock-up for surgical planning and training to gain a comprehensive Industry 4.0 approach in a clinical scenario (Medicine 4.0)

The work of ESRs, each one hired for two 18 months periods (industry + research) and enrolled in PhD programmes, will be driven by the multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral needs of the research consortium (clinical, academic and industrial), which will offer the expertise of participants to provide scientific support, secondments and training. Recruited researchers will become active players of a strategic sector of the European medical and simulation industry and will face the industrial and research challenges daily faced by clinical experts, engineering analysts and simulation software technology developers.

During their postgraduate studies they will be trained by the whole consortium receiving a flexible and competitive skill-set designed to address a career at the cutting edge of technological innovation in healthcare.

The main objective of MEDITATE is the production of high-level scientists with a strong experience of integration across academic, industrial and clinical areas, able to apply their skills to real life scenarios and capable to introduce advanced and innovative digital twin concepts in the clinic and healthcare sectors.

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Surgery method for bulging of the main artery (aorta)


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2020 - 2024




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