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LORCENIS-NOR - Utilize improved concrete with extended lifetime for energy infrastructures and structures in extreme Nordic operating conditions

The goal of the LORCENIS-NOR project is to communicate recent achievements on enhanced concrete with an extended service life to Norwegian stakeholders in the market. Through advanced concrete technology, we have developed advanced functional additives, that provide future concrete structures with increased durability in demanding environments.

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SINTEF and KVÆRNER are working together to disseminate knowledge about improved concrete with extended service life for energy infrastructures and structures in extreme operating conditions. The knowledge is based on results achieved through the EU project LORCENIS in Horizon 2020.

Especially in Norway, existing and emerging energy technologies require new materials that work under extreme operating conditions. Offshore Wind turbines, concrete structures on the seabed, bridges and harbours installed in subarctic / arctic areas with low temperatures and ice wear, along coastlines with a high chloride content and in deep seas or underground where there are large temperature gradients and high pressure, demand materials with special properties. 

SINTEF consolidates and expands the national customer network as a platform to be able, together with selected Norwegian businesses, to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products for future scenarios for concrete structures in both the energy and transport sectors adapted to extreme Nordic operating conditions. KVÆRNER supports the national value-creating network towards new applications within concrete structures in extreme operating conditions where material properties with excellent high quality will be required.

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Project duration

01/04/2020 - 30/09/2021