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DOME 4.0

Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME) 4.0 offers an intelligent semantic industrial data ecosystem for knowledge creation across the entire materials to manufacturing value chains.

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Photo by Adi Goldstein, Unsplash

The ecosystem provides a sustainable solution to the information-silos problem related to the past efforts and puts forward a formal, ontology-based documentation for open and confidential data spaces applicable to future and current projects thereby delivering added value. Furthermore, the flexibility of the proposed semantic architecture of DOME 4.0 naturally adapts to the emerging Industry Commons developments and the scale-up of the ecosystem to large amounts of data, tools and services applicable to wider sectors of the European economy.

The unique offerings of DOME 4.0 are twofold. Primarily, to instigate wider market impact, stakeholder adoption and engagement, while aggregating a larger critical mass community in the DOME 4.0 ecosystem than the individual-encompassed showcases would ever achieve alone. In parallel, the DOME 4.0-exemplified, novel business models cross cutting the individual marketplaces, complemented with transparent and fair compensation schemes will augment the operations and effectiveness by adding value to the individual marketplaces, data repositories and platforms.

DOME 4.0 entails two main parts:

  • Core technology developers including platform, ontologies and interfaces with other marketplaces and data spaces.
  • Services development to connect the data providers with the data consumers to help demonstrate nine business-to-business (B2B) showcases in the materials and manufacturing domains.

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