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Development licenses as a driver for innovation in fish farming Effects on technology, industry and regulation (DEVELOP)

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Nordlaks Ocean Farm, Photo: Nordlaks

The Norwegian aquaculture industry has sustainability challenges, particularly related to lice and escape of fish. With the goal of technology development that can solve these challenges, the authorities introduced development licenses in 2015. The arrangement was temporary, and these special permits for salmon farming were to be awarded a concept that contributed to significant innovation. The Directorate of Fisheries received a total of 104 applications. As of May 2020, 18 of the applications have been granted licenses, 82 have been rejected and four are waiting for a decision.

The aim of DEVELOP (Development licenses as a driver for innovation in fish farming Effects on technology, industry and regulation) is to study the effects of development licenses. This will provide knowledge about the effects of development permits as a strategy for innovation in the aquaculture industry and contribute to knowledge-based management.

Effects in five areas will be studied:

  1. Technology development and production (personal safety, environment, fish welfare and increased production)
  2. Actors involved in technology development and innovation
  3. Ownership and transfer of knowledge
  4. Industrial structure and
  5. Government regulation.

Possible effects of development licenses and technology development in an international perspective will also be investigated in collaboration with experts from different countries.

Methods to be used in this work include analysis of applications for development permits, interviews and working meetings with industry players and authorities.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (2020-2023) and is managed by SINTEF Ocean. NTNU Social Research, NORCE and the University of Tromsø are research partners. Representatives from the aquaculture industry, the supplier industry and the authorities will participate in a reference group to ensure relevance and dialogue with the target groups.


Key Factors

Project duration

05/01/2020 - 30/12/2023

Financed by The Norwegian Research Council.
Total budget: 10.243.000 NOK

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