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Batmobile - Multi-scale modelling platform

BATMOBILE is a multi-scale modelling platform to support theory-based design of new batteries in both industry and research.

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Traditional battery development has followed trial-and-error experimentation, and it has progressed slowly. Luckily, today developers have a host powerful new tools that can slingshot battery development and have only just begun to reach their full potential. High-power computing tools are now affordable, easy-to-use, and ubiquitous in both industry and research. This has allowed researchers to implement model-based design tools like density functional theory (DFT), molecular dynamics (MD), and continuum models (among others) to generate a wealth of data predicting the behaviour of new materials, electrodes, and cell designs.  

BATMOBILE is a multi-scale, multi-physics modelling platform that simulates the cell-level performance of Li-ion batteries. Advancing beyond the traditional "Newman Method" of continuum modelling, BATMOBILE supports researchers in better understanding the mechanisms that govern the performance and degradation of next-generation Li-ion chemistries.  

Application type: SEP 
Total budget: 1,750 million NOK 

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Project duration

2020 - 2021

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