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Analysis of needs for long-term care services in Bærum municipality, "PLO 2024"

The aim of the project is to contribute with analysis of the users of the long-term care services in Bærum municipality, and to project the future need for long term care services.

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Bærum municipality expects that the need for services will increase faster than available resources, mainly because there will be more elderly people in the municipality and because lower growth in the municipality's revenues is expected. The purpose of the needs analysis is to understand how the need for services among the inhabitants of the municipality can change in the future, so that the municipality is able to plan the future long term care services in a way that corresponds to the needs of the future, and not to current needs. At the same time, the purpose is to find key explanations for changing needs.

The project will investigate

  • how the inhabitants and users of the municipality's services have developed over the last ten years
  • the expected development in the need for services within the long-term care as a whole and for the individual services up to 2035.

In the project, various factors that affect the need will be analysed. Some factors can be influenced by the individual (such as lifestyle), and other factors can be influenced at a structural level. The project will assess which factors the municipality can influence. Different scenarios for future need developments will be investigated.

The project will contribute to

  • More systematic and detailed understanding of the users, their needs and their use of the municipality's services, past, present and in the future.
  • Better basis for adaptation and developing services to suit current users.
  • Understanding the future need for services.
  • Better starting point for planning and deciding on new services and investments.
  • Greater probability that the services of the future will suit the real needs.
  • Greater understanding of what drives the development of needs.
  • Knowledge of opportunities to reduce future needs.

Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2022

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