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10xTeams - Third-generation large-scale method for software innovation in autonomous teams

Today's established practices for software development and innovation are dominated by two schools: China and the United States. With their access to capital and expertise, they have gained a dominant position within large-scale technology development. Three Norwegian companies, Iterate, SpareBank 1 Utvikling and Zedge will increase their competitiveness and develop innovative and valuable software with their people and teams.

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In collaboration with SINTEF, the companies will develop a new method, rooted in Nordic values ​​and mindsets, which helps our teams in networks succeed with software development and innovation in dynamic environments.

Disruptive technological changes, rapid changes in customer behavior and in what provides value in the marketplace creates new demands on software development and innovation processes when new solutions are created. This project will establish a third-generation large-scale method for software innovation in autonomous teams that will utilize Norwegian companies' competitive advantages within domain knowledge, existing technology and the Norwegian working life model in new product development. The need for a new method is forced forward by two mega-trends.

1) Increased complexity in the development work; rapid changes in the architecture, introduction of new technology and rapid changes in customer behavior represent a completely new complexity when many teams have to work together. This complexity means that the work has to be managed to a completely different extent by the autonomous teams themselves.

2) Need to experiment with many ideas at the same time. To ensure innovation, we will increase the number of experiments to increase the chance of finding the really good ideas. These experiments need to be done across teams to create completely new and seamless customer journeys.

We will develop a third-generation large-scale method for software innovation in autonomous teams that enables many radical experiments across teams, and will bring forth

  1. Decision-making tools and processes to prioritize which ideas we will work on.
  2. Practices and methodology for coordinating teams in complex networks.
  3. Techniques and models to support extremely high individual autonomy.

The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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2020 - 2024

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