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Security of supply in smartgrids with interacting digital systems

The main objective of the project is to develop methods for assessing, handling and limiting threats and vulnerabilities arising due to interactions between the SCADA system and other digital systems, in order to maintain the security of supply in smartgrids at a high level.

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Realizing the promise of increased functionality and flexibility in the future smartgrid requires an updated ICT architecture with a stronger integration of systems, such as SCADA, distribution management system (DMS), outage management system (OMS) and advanced metering system (AMS).


This interoperability and complexity may introduce new threats and vulnerabilities that distribution grid companies need to identify, understand and manage. Starting by identifying the most critical systems with respect to the security of supply and their interactions, this project will develop risk management methods and tools capable of addressing digitalisation, automation and interoperability.

The developed methods and tools will increase the competence in digital technology and its utilization, ensure robust systems and processes making the distribution grid inherently resilient to threats and failures, and save the grid companies costs and problems associated with the introduction of new technology. Ultimately, the tools will help limit failures and supply interruptions, thereby reducing costs and maintaining the companies' reputation.

The main challenge that the research will address is a lack of appropriate and easily accessible methods and tools for grid operators. There are several risk management methods and tools available today, however, these are not adapted to the future smartgrid with interacting digital systems. The project will address this using a top-down approach with e.g. case studies and simulations, while ensuring that the whole electricity grid from generation to consumer is considered.

Project owner: Lnett


This is an Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector (IPN) supported by the Research Council of Norway.


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2019 - 2023

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