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Quantum Computing

At SINTEF we have a strategic project to investigate the possibilities and application areas of quantum computers to solve practically relevant problems.

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Quantum computing is an emerging technology that has a very disruptive power. The first generation of quantum computers that is expected within the next five years, will be so-called noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers. This means that calculations will have errors and the length of a computation is limited. Therefore, we focus on hybrid quantum-classical algorithms where a classically difficult part of a mathematical problem is solved on a quantum chip as a co-processor.

To achieve practical relevance, we focus on how industrial/business problems can be formulated such that a quantum device can be used advantageously. We aim to improve the theoretical understanding, error mitigation techniques, methods for efficient state preparation as well as improved classical methods for the outer optimization loop.

Together with the University of Oslo and NTNU we have established a Gemini-center on quantum computing, see

The developed code is open source and can be found here

If you are interested in the topic or want to collaborate, feel free to get in contact.

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