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PANTERA (PAN European Technology Energy Research Approach) is a EU H2020 project aimed at setting up a European forum composed of Research & Innovation stakeholders active in the fields of smart grids, storage and local energy systems, including policy makers, standardisation bodies and experts, representing the EU energy system.

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This will be achieved by:

  • Setting up a sustainable and interactive multi-dimensional platform of Pan European status and influence.
  • Developing knowledge-sharing mechanisms that will help identify, discuss and structure the key R&I challenges.
  • Organising dedicated workshops to facilitate exchanges of experiences and capacities between members of R&I community, in collaboration with already on-going activities, aiming at wider participation.
  • Delivering, through the platform, ready-made tools that will facilitate the collection of real data / results from on-going projects and build a useful data repository accessible by all interested stakeholders.
  • Establishing PANTERA desks and ad hoc working groups to efficiently respond to R&I needs and tackle key topics identified in the project for generating results, reports, white papers and offer support.

Main impact

  • Build a true pan European R&I community in the field of smart grids & associated flexibility measures / energy systems.
  • Bridge the gaps that currently exist in the R&I energy field in Europe between Member States and incentivize investments in smart grid.
  • Establish a sustainable multi-functional platform as source and inspiration for the EU R&I family in the field of Smart Energy sytems and technologies, in support of the energy transition and low carbon economy.
  • Build long-term solidarity and trust for a well-functioning and resilient pan European energy system.


Project Coordinator: FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy, University of Cyprus

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 824389


Key Factors

Project duration

2019 - 2023

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