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MACH-2 - Membrane-Assisted CO2 capture through liquefaction for clean H2 production

The MACH-2 project will develop and demonstrate the potential of an innovative hybrid technology for H2 production with CO2 capture enabling high carbon capture rates with high purity CO2 and H2 and a hydrogen cost comparable to conventional technologies without capture.

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The MACH-2 project aims in developing a novel process for hydrogen production from natural gas with efficient capture of the produced carbon dioxide. The project will combine H2 production from methane by protonic membrane reformer (PMR) technology with subsequent low-temperature CO2 capture in one novel integrated process. By exploiting the advantages of both technologies and applying them in their preferred window of operation, significant cost and efficiency gains are expected. The MACH-2 project is a collaboration between SINTEF Industry, SINTEF Energy AS, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and involves international cooperation with West Virginia University in the US. The project is spun off from the NCCS FME centre and will be executed as a task under this centre.


CoorsTek has an active role in the project.

Partners of the NCCS consortium

Donghoi Kim, David Berstad, Rahul Anantharaman, Julian Straus, Thijs A. Peters, Truls Gundersen: Low Temperature Applications for CO2 Capture in Hydrogen Production, In: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering


This project has received funding from the Resarch Council of Norway.
Project No. 294629.

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Project duration

2019 - 2022

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