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HELIS - High Energy Lithium Sulfur Battery

The HELiS project is a collaboration between Graphene Batteries AS and SINTEF which aims to develop and demonstrate an industrially scalable Lithium Sulfur battery with high capacity and enhanced lifetime.

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Lithium Sulfur batteries represent one of the most promising "post Li-ion" battery technologies, as they combine the advantages of an abundant and low cost cathode chemistry with a realistically achievable capacity way beyond state of the art Li-ion chemistries. Utilising proprietary technologies based on low cost, high surface area carbon materials, Graphene Batteries AS has developed and demonstrated Li-S batteries which perform beyond state of the art in terms of cycle life and energy capacity. The HELiS project aims to enhance both performance and manufacturability via the development of scaleable production methods for both anode and cathode which utilise improved and higher performing chemistries. The goal of the project is a battery which demonstrates a practical gravimetric capacity roughly twice that of current commercial Li-ion technologies, combined with an industry leading lifetime. 

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway

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Project duration

2019 - 2021

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