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Decision support for fishing vessels based on marine ecosystem models and fishery data

FishGuider will increase the income and reduce the costs related to catch of pelagic fish species such as herring, cod and capelin. This will be achieved by development and validation of new theory for fish migration and a novel guidance system for fishing companies.

The project will combine new marine ecological models adapted to data from fishing vessels and satellites. The system will guide the fishermen to locations where they can expect to find the right fish species within their given quotas. Thereby, the time spent either searching for fish or fishing in suboptimal locations will be reduced. This will lead to a more sustainable harvesting of the ocean resources. Thus, the innovation will make a fundament for better cooperation between the fishing industry and the research and management communities in countries that harvest in the same ocean area.

The project is financed by the fishing industry (IPN) and by the MAROFF program in the research council of Norway.

Project partners:
- North Atlantic Institute for Sustainable Fishing (NAIS)
- Nybonia Hav AS
- Dahl Fiskeri AS
- Lurøyveiding AS
- SINTEF Ocean
- Norges Teknisk Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU)
- Universistetet i Bergen (UiB)

Key Factors

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