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ALCoat - Aluminium Extrusions for Coated Automotive Components

The project aims to provide added value to profile- based components by including surface treatment in the processing of these products. The results from the project will be used as a basis to decide if investment in new lines for surface treatment is a viable option to strengthen the position of the industry partners as suppliers of aluminium products to the automotive industry.

Aluminium in cars is a rapidly growing market due to an urgent need for weight reductions to reduce CO2 emissions. Many of the aluminium structural parts and chassis components must be coated to obtain sufficient protection against corrosion in aggressive road environments. Effective cleaning of the surface before application of the coating procedure is of crucial importance for the performance of the coating system. 

To obtain the planned results, the combined research effort, infrastructure and competence of the partners Benteler Automotive, Hydal Aluminium Profiler, Gundersen Galvano AS and SINTEF is necessary.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway



Key Factors

Project duration

01/03/2019 - 01/03/2023