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The role of the safety representative in safety work

"The role of the safety representative in safety work" is a research project with the purpose to acquire new knowledge about the role of the safety representatives, and challenges and opportunities related to their participation in safety work in building and construction projects.

The project will provide insight on how to use safety representatives´ competence in safety activities, and whether current practices ensure a real participation from the employees in terms of decisions affecting safety at the workplace.

The results of the project will contribute with knowledge that safety representatives and regional safety representatives (RVO) can make use of in their work. The knowledge will also be used in training of safety representatives.

The project started with a literature review in autumn 2018 followed by interviews and observations in a number of case projects in 2019 on opportunities and challenges. The project will result in recommendations for better utilization of the safety representatives' role and expertise.

The member companies in SIBA-forum including the regional safety representatives are involved in the project through having one representative from each member company in the project management group. This group is involved in guiding the activities in the project, and gets access to the updated knowledge such as insight into current practices and potential improvement opportunities.

The project is funded by the RVO-Fund, and is executed by SINTEF/NTNU in close cooperation with actors in the industry.

Take a look on the SIBA-website for more information about the project (in Norwegian).

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