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SEAMAG - High-performance seawater magnesium batteries for marine application

In SEAMAG we are developing an environmentally benign magnesium/air battery prototype that uses seawater as the electrolyte for use in marine subsea conditions to provide power for dedicated applications.

SeaMag consortium is an interdisciplinary team of five partners, two industry (Develogic GmbH and Develogic AS) and three research institutes (SINTEF, HZG and NASB) capable of delivering cutting-edge R&D skills on a topic of improved seawater Mg battery into the marine sector. The first stage of SeaMag is dedicated to practical design, optimization and synergistic combination of components of the battery: Mg-metal based anode, the seawater-based electrolyte and the cathode. The second essential stage is efficient technology transfer from science to industry. The ultimate goal is the introduction of an advanced, commercialized high energy density Mg seawater battery to a broad technological infrastructure. SINTEF leads the WP2 to develop high performance cathodes and WP5 on life cycle analysis. 

Application type: Martera (ERA-NET) 
Total budget: about 15 MNOK 
SINTEF Budget: about 5 MNOK 
Funding source: Norwegian Research Council (for Norwegian partners) 

Project Partners:

  • Develogic AS (Project coordinator)
  • Develogic GmbH
  • Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht
  • National Academy of Science Belarus 

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Key Factors

Project duration

2018 - 2021

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