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Intravenous antibiotic therapy in home hospitals

Development, piloting, evaluation, and implementation of a new service model for intravenous antibiotic treatment in home hospitals, this is the use of coping and distance-follow technology.

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The purpose of this project is to improve everyday life for patients who currently have to be in hospital for several weeks to receive antibiotics intravenously. We want to do this by transferring this service to the home.  In addition to improving everyday life for patients, it is a defined goal to reduce the need for specialist health services by transferring more tasks to the municipalities.

To achieve our goal, we will develop, pilot, implement and evaluate a home hospital model for patients in need of long-term intravenous antibiotic therapy. 

Results from insight work carried out in the preliminary project show that patients, relatives and healthcare professionals are positive about the home hospital model, given that continuity of home follow-up, access to competent personnel, user-friendly technology and good training are maintained. A concept proposal has been developed on the home hospital model that is quality assured and piloted.

SINTEF is responsible for FoUI/service design; insight work (observation/interview/workshops) pilot, analysis/report/publishing and draw new version of the service/Blueprint.

Key Factors

Project duration

2018 - 2021

Cooperation partners

Helse Møre og Romsdal HF, Kristiansund Hospital, The Centre for Health Innovation, Kristiansund Municipality, Hospital Pharmacy in Kristiansund, Central Norway Regional Health Authority's IT department (Hemit), The Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation (CCSDI), and SINTEF.


The project is funded through Central Norway Regional Health Authority's innovation funding.

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