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AluMar - Smart design and founding process for large sandcasted aluminium parts

AluMar will develop improved, seawater-resistant aluminium components for marine applications.

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The AluMar project will use recycled aluminium to create new or improved casting alloys for marine applications. In addition, the project aims at developing better and more predictable processes for casting and finishing OF large parts. The project will place emphasis on developing large aluminium sand castings for the ocean space, such as subsea, offshore, ships, deep sea fishing, aquaculture, and other marine applications, but these components can also play an important role in other demanding market segments such as wind power, and road and railway.

The project will address development of both alloys for maritime use and design and simulation methods for mould making, sand cores and heat treatment fixtures. An alloy that combines corrosion properties of seawater resistant aluminium with the strength of aged aluminium will make aluminium considerably more applicable to many maritime components. By use of advanced data tools the design and founding process can be more predictable in terms of casting defects and dimension stability in further heat treatment and machining. With product ranges down to 2-10 units, there are huge savings by avoiding wreckage while also design of more complex products may be possible with a more predictable method.

Project partners: Norse Metal Elverum, SINTEF, Norsk Hydro, Semcon Devotek, EDAB, Molstad Modell & Form og Metallco Aluminium.
Funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) 

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Project duration

2018 - 2022