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Clean air is a basic necessity for human existence. Poor air quality has accounted for over 4.2 million deaths globally in 2016. As such, there is a need for highly sensitive gas sensors which can be integrated into an early detection system, should air quality fall below predefined thresholds.

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In this project, Nanoparticle-2D hybrid structures for smart environmental sensing (2DSense), we will develop highly sensitive environmental gas sensors (NOx, CO) through the innovative use of two-dimensional material devices decorated with functional nanoparticles.

2D material offer new possibilities to develop ultra-sensitive sensors due to their high mobilities, surface-to-volume ratios and tuneable electronic structure. Their gas sensing selectivity and sensitivity can be further tailored by decorating their surfaces with nanoparticles specific to a particular gas. Not only will sensors be developed but a roadmap for commercialisation will be suggested.

2Dsense is a joint collaboration between SINTEF, Norway and The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), India supported by the Research Council of Norway and the Department of Science and Technology India.

2D material heterostructures will be developed by SINTEF while work on the nanoparticles will be carried out by IITD. Scientists from both institutes will be involved in exchange research visits which will lead to the transfer of knowledge and a deep collaboration.

International cooperation plays an important role in this project with participation in advisory roles of leading research groups at The University of Manchester (UK) and Kansas State University (US).

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Project duration

2018 - 2021

Prof. B.R.Mehta

Prof. B.R.Mehta

Professor Indian Institute of Technology Delhi