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The PRECISE project will develop technologies to enable Precision Fish Farming (PFF), a new technology-based approach to salmon farming derived from the agricultural concept of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF).

Illustration unit with fish

Using novel technologies, PFF will monitor the fish continuously and automatically and enable improved farm management (e.g. feeding) and operations (e.g. crowding) that will:

  1. ensure better control of fish welfare and health

  2. reduce fish loss due to handling, disease and escapes

  3. improve production efficiency and product quality, and

  4. minimise environmental impacts. These factors ultimately contribute to higher economic efficiency, and more sustainable and ethical animal production, underlining the need for new fish farming methods that increase the precision of farming operations through technology.


Develop a Precision Fish Farming (PFF) concept that uses technology to ensure control over fish states, reduce losses, improve production efficiency, and minimise environmental impacts in commercial fish farming.


Key Factors

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