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OPSTRA - Optimal Scheduling for next-generation intelligent TRAnsport systems is a pure research project devoted to develop new mathematical optimization models and algorithms for job-shop scheduling problems arising in transportation. The mathematical tools developed in the project led to more effective system to schedule and route vehicles. especially in air- and rail-traffic control. The project advancements were described by several publications in prestigious international journals, and allowed the implementation of efficient tools to support dispatchers and planners in their activities.

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OPSTRA aims at developing ground-breaking mathematical models and solution methods for scheduling problems in transport. These developments will provide the necessary foundations for new tools capable of tackling yet unsolvable instances arising in real-life transport systems. The project will attack large instances of train dispatching and timetabling, airplane sequencing and surface routing in airdromes. The expected impact is significant, in terms of reduced costs, congestion and workload for operators, improved reliability, punctuality, resilience to disruptions and increased quality of service.

Project Type: Forskerprosjekt – TRANSPORT, funded by the Norwegian Research Council

Budget: 9 million NOK

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Project duration

2017 - 2021