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NorEUnergy - Establishment of Norwegian-EU networks in the bioenergy field

NorEUnergy II will focus on increasing the mobilization and participation of Norwegian actors in the field of bioenergy, as one of the prioritized scientific areas in the new integrated SET-Plan.

Contact person

For this purpose, a list of concrete actions are planned:

  1. Arrangement of dedicated workshops/brokerage events on H2020 bioenergy calls
  2. Participation in national bioenergy-related open workshops/conferences
  3. Contact with Brussels-based renowned stakeholders
  4. Communication/Dissemination activities

The NorEUnergy II members involved in these actions represent the Norwegian bioenergy sector in a broad spectre. Additionally, it is planned to establish dialogue with key European/international partners relevant for the realization of Norwegian bioenergy value chains. The fact that the Project coordinator is based in Brussels offers a unique added value to achieve the desired targets.

Collaboration partners
NorEUnergy has established a network that involves both national as well as international bioenergy actors and associations. There are three major bioenergy communities to communicate from/to through NorEUnergy, namely:

  • NoBio - Norwegian Bioenergy Association (NO)
  • Bio4Fuels - The Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy (NO)
  • EERA JP Bioenergy – European Energy Research Alliance Joint Program Bioenergy (EU)

Participation arrangements under the ENERGIX programme
The ENERGIX programme intends with this announcement to contribute towards giving greater consideration to Norwegian priorities and research agendas as part of the strategic work taking place in the EU arena related to the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET) and the IEA's Energy Technology Network.


Key Factors

Project duration

2017 - 2019

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