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Lightweight Offshore Condenser Skid

The goal of the project Compact offshore condenser skid is to reduce the weight of such a skid by up to 50 percent.

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This project builds upon results from development of new lighter-weight systems for compact offshore steam cycles in KPN COMPACTS. The condenser is an essential part of a steam cycle. Existing steam cycle technology is too heavy and large to be utilized on most platforms. By attaching a steam bottoming cycle, which utilizes the excess heat from a platform's gas turbines, the "combined cycle" produces power from the combustion heat twice. This way the platform's power demand is covered by a lower gas consumption- and with a CO2 release that is 22 to 30 % lower.

In order to reduce the effects of global warming, Norway has like the EU set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. Improved energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective climate measures in the amount of CO2 removed per dollar invested. This is due to saved operational costs from less energy use and in Norway reduced CO2 taxes. 80% of the CO2 released from platforms originates from the gas-turbines. These provide the electrical power needed for the operation of the platform and also heat for oil processing. Still useable heat is lost in the exhaust.

The weight of the condenser will be reduced by investigating novel condenser designs as an alternative to the standard plain shell-and-tube condensers. They will be compared in terms of weight, size reduction and performance. The weight and footprint reduction potential is 50% or more. Further weight reduction will be achieved by exchanging the steel framework with an ultralight framework in Aluminium. The aim is to reduce the weight of the current skids by 50 %.

The challenge is that this kind of structure has not been produced in Aluminium before, so the need for a good design basis and concept specification is highly needed. 

Project administrator: Marine Aluminium AS

  • SINTEF Energy Research 
  • Marine Aluminium AS
  • Neptune Energy
  • Alfa Laval Aalborg 
  • Neotiss Inc.


This project is an Innovation projects in business and industry (IPN) with funding from The Research Council of Norway under the PETROMAKS2 programme.
Innovation projects in business and industry (IPN) and Development projects targeting business and industry players, and including projects that generate knowledge and skills for development of new or improved products or services.


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2017 - 2017