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COATLEE - COATings for Reduction of Leading Edge Erosion

Erosion on wind turbine leading edges reduces turbine performance and is one of the most critical degradation mechanisms (in terms of maintenance cost) occurring on wind turbine farms. The projects aim is to develop better leading-edge coating protection for the wind turbines.

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As an example, leading edge erosion (LEE) is thought to be a prime suspect in many of the 3,800 turbine-disabling blade failures globally each year. Limited knowledge and field data available from wind turbine operators makes it difficult to build knowledge of the leading-edge failure mechanism(s). Based on these premises, the Project aims to achieve sufficient understanding of the LEE mechanisms through collaboration with domestic wind turbine operators, to develop better leading-edge coating protection than is currently available.  

Total budget of the project was NOK 6.5 mill and it is financed via Research Council of Norway (ENERGIX-Stort program energi) through Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet grants. 

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Project duration

2017 - 2021