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UNIFY-IoT - Supporting Internet of Things Activities on Innovation Ecosystems

UNIFY-IoT drove the new collaborative IoT business models, market developments, and educational content to foster the European IoT digital economy from a global perspective by creating an interoperable and secure ecosystem of established and emerging IoT solutions and approaches.

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UNIFY-IoT stimulated the collaboration between IoT projects between the potential IoT platforms and supported these in sustaining the IoT ecosystems developed by focusing on complementary actions, e.g. fostering, and facilitating acceptance of IoT technology as well as the means to understand and overcome obstacles for deployment and value creation.

The significant impacts of UNIFY-IoT can be summarized as follows:

  • Stimulating dialogue and collaboration between European IoT projects and other stakeholders from the IoT ecosystem.
  • Favouring the emergence of an integrated offer on IoT technologies and platforms at the European level.
  • Supporting the development of architectures and methodologies applicable to provide IoT turnkey solutions.
  • Defining exploitation strategies to facilitate the uptake of thriving IoT ecosystems targeting the significant societal challenges for Europe.
  • Disseminating the UNIFY-IoT results to foster technology transfer and pre-normative activities.
  • Providing a set of mechanisms for value co-creation around IoT platform ecosystems, considering all relevant stakeholders in an open innovation ecosystem.

UNIFY-IoT represented the “working partner” of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and the Internet of Things European Research Cluster (IERC) by coordinating and supporting the activities on innovation ecosystems, IoT standardisation, Policy Issues, Research and Innovation.

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2016 - 2018


EU H2020-ICT-2015 - Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects.

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