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SiC4LED – Novel fluorescent silicon carbide growth approach for white LEDs

The main objective of the project aims to grow a new type of compound semiconductor crystal, fluorescent silicon carbide (f-SiC), by applying the liquid solution phase epitaxial (LPE) technology, and to preliminarily examine the feasibility of fabricating the monolithic white light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It is expected to save up to 20% of energy consumption for SiC growth.

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Energy efficiency measures accounts for about 49% of the CO2 emission abatement in 2030. It is thus expected to contribute to the goal of at least 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Norway by 2030. The present project is also expected to provide the opportunities for the Norwegian research institutes in promoting the research with internationally leading scientific qualities and innovative research activities. The long-term business and industrial opportunities are rather obvious: it helps the Norwegian SiC producers update their products by introducing the innovative value.

SINTEF MK contributes to the LPE method produce the Al-N co-doped SiC crystals.
In the project, SINTEF is collaborating with Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

The project is supported by The Research Council of Norway in the ENERGIX programme in the field of environment-friendly energy, under the thematic priority areas of New concepts in the energy sphere.

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Project duration

2016 - 2017