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SET-Nav – Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation

SET-Nav's objective is to support strategic decision making in Europe’s energy sector, to facilitate the development of optimal technology portfolios by market actors. The project is based on three pillars: a broad and technically-advanced modelling portfolio; specific evaluation of the technology pathways; and active stakeholder dialogue and dissemination.

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SET-Nav will facilitate the development of optimal technology portfolios in Europe.
SET-Nav will facilitate the development of optimal technology portfolios in Europe.

A key concern, however, is the uncertainty in how the future will develop, and whether we can adequately guide technology innovation towards achieving our goals. The SET-Nav project aims to connect experts in several areas with the decision makers in the energy industry so that current and future investments in R&D and infrastructure are made in the best possible way. With a multifaceted perspective, SET-Nav will develop pathways to guide policy, investment and energy development, so that we can satisfy our future energy needs in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, the project is based on three pillars: Model development, Pathway assessment and Dissemination and dialog.

Model Development
Among the partners, a rich variety of models have been developed and tested. These models have different scopes, economical assumptions, and purposes. SET-Nav will make it possible for all these models to communicate and cooperate with each other, achieving a depth of analysis unthinkable with independent models. SINTEF's REMES, a macroeconomic computable general equilibrium model, will be used along other macroeconomic models (SEURECO's Nemesis and Fraunhofer's ASTRA) to evaluate the impact of policy implementation in the wider economy.

Pathway assessment
The policies forming the pathways proposed will be evaluated along three key dimensions, sustainability, reliability, and efficiency. Case studies run and developed by SINTEF and all other project participants will help in shaping up policy plans, and eventually develop pathways with input gained from both case studies and stakeholder dialogue.

Dissemination and dialog
The final pillar involves an active and lively dialog with the project's stakeholders, and looks to guarantee both acceptance and applicability of the results obtained.


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Project duration

2016 - 2019

SET-Nav is an EU H2020 project lasting from 2016 until 2019, coordinated by Technische Universität Wien. The project unites partners from academia, R&D and industry from all over Europe, with both SINTEF and NTNU as partners from Norway.


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