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The PilotCCS project - "Study of CCS Pilot Technologies for Coal Fired Power Plants in the Czech Republic" - is led by the Czech Technical University in partnership with SINTEF Energy Research and UJV Rez.

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The project will investigate the technical and economic feasibility of applying CCS in Czech Republic specifically to the Vresova power plant. A limited number of integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants are built around the world. The 400 MW IGCC power plant in Vresova in the Czech Republic has been in operation since 1996. This is setting the Czech Republic in a rather strong position to be able to cost effectively implement CCS demonstration on this plant.



The project will evaluate in detail different CO2 capture technologies such as solvent-based capture, membrane-based capture, sorbent-based capture, liquefaction-based capture, and calcium looping. In addition, this project in connection with the other projects financed by the Norway grants will provide recommendation on where it could be possible to transport and store the CO2 captured from the Vresova power plant. Furthermore, the project will strengthen the collaboration between Norway and the Czech Republic, and promote CCS related knowledge sharing.

  • Design and evaluation of low-temperature capture
  • Design and evaluation of membrane-based capture
  • Design and evaluation of calcium looping based capture
  • Techno-economic optimisation of capture processes
  • CO2 transport and value chain based capture

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